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What You Get When You Join Acacia 


Acacia Cares About You.

  • The foreign waters of college are difficult to navigate. Our fraternity will acclimate to these changes and help you find your best path to a successful career and happy life.

Acacia Fosters Individuality Through Community.

  • We pride ourselves in being a diverse group of young men, both in thought and background, with the collective goal of preparing ourselves as educated men.

Acacia is Not Your Average Fraternity.

  • Our choice to not have Greek letters represents who we are as people. We don’t conform. Acacia encourages brothers to enjoy the “Greek” experience while engaging with campus in whatever way best suits them.


  • Teaches men the importance of accountability through uniquely impactful opportunities


  • Urges individuals to escape their comfort zone and do what it takes to be an influential member of their community


  • Provides college students with a tight-knit family to call home during their college years and for the rest of their life

Requirements for Membership



  • Incoming Freshmen: high school GPA must be at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

  • Current Purdue Students: Purdue GPA must be at least a 2.8 on a 4.0 scale (with reason)


  • Incoming Freshmen: must exhibit leadership/involvement in at least two organizations in high school.

  • Current Purdue Students: must be an active member of at least one campus organization, with clear drive to seek leadership within that organization.


  • All Prospective Members: values must align with the Acacian values of community service, scholarship, leadership, personal growth, and empathy. 




Reach out to Andrew Askounis, our current Recruitment Chair.


Text or Call (281) 923-7876



For more information about our recruitment process, please fill out this interest form completely. You will be contacted about the events we host and what you need to do to become a brother.