Active Brothers

Current House Officers

Venerable Dean
Mr. Mason Anthony Merkel
Purdue (Purdue University)
Senior Dean
Mr. John Samuel Taylor
Purdue (Purdue University)
Junior Dean
Mr. Jackson Steven Weber
Purdue (Purdue University)
Recruitment Chair
Mr. Andrew John Askounis
Purdue (Purdue University)
Mr. Jared Matthew Young
Purdue (Purdue University)
Mr. Mason James Meeker
Purdue (Purdue University)
Risk Manager
Mr. Matthew Christopher Clifford, MCC
Purdue (Purdue University)
Philanthropy-Human Service Chair
Mr. Jack Ryan Dennis
Purdue (Purdue University)
House Manager
Mr. Adam Laurence Jones
Purdue (Purdue University)
Alumni Relations
Mr. Matthew Nolan Sauchelli
Purdue (Purdue University)
Mr. Alexander John Cook
Purdue (Purdue University)

2020 Conclave Awards


  • Chapter Programming/Membership Education Award: Awarded to the chapter which exemplifies the Acacia sprit through the transference of personal development and growth onto their new members

  • Membership Recruitment Award: Awarded to the chapter that owning the most sophisticated and strategic recruitment plan with positive results growing their chapter year over year

  • Human Service Programming Recipient: Awarded to the chapter making the greatest impact in the community in which they reside

  • Executive Directors Award: Awarded by the Executive Director to the chapter that has made outstanding strides towards excellence and has great momentum moving forward

Brotherhood Events


Brotherhood Events are smaller events that we have several times a month to play games, watch movies, and become closer as brothers.