Academics & Leadership

Community and Campus Leaders


As Acacian’s we strive to make a tangible impact in the community which we reside. In doing this we have a large portion of our brotherhood involved in varying leadership positions across campus. Some examples are detailed below!


  • Student Government Vice President and Senators

  • President of the University Infrastructure comittee

  • Purdue Philharmonic Section leaders

  • Vice President of the Purdue EPICS program

  • 10+ brothers involved in undergraduate research 

  • Financial Aid Peer Counselor

Internships and Full Time


Our brothers not only succeed on campus, but also take their career development very seriously. Our new member education process has a strong focus on resume building and interview preparation. Hard work from the brotherhood in school combined with our efforts in alumni networking have produced some tangible career results. Some companies our brothers have worked with are listed below.


  • Michelin

  • Sierra Space

  • Northrup Grumman

  • Trane Technologies

  • KLA

  • Phillips 66

  • Hershey

Academic Excellence


We put our priorities as students above all other things in Acacia Fraternity. This is enforced through group study periods, brother on brother tutoring and incentives for visiting office hours/supplement instruction periods.