COVID-19 Plan

Fall 2020

Note: All students must submit a negative test for the virus to Purdue before coming to campus. This includes all brothers moving into the house after testing negative.


  • Brothers, assigned in pairs, will have a cleaning duty to perform everyday. Duties will include sanitizing door handles and handrails, sanitizing the dining room, etc. and are assigned in pairs so that brothers can make it best fit their schedule.
  • Kappa Chi will disinfect and clean the kitchen daily, as well as the serving room.

○ Brothers on KX will be the ones selected for dining area daily duties.

  • Purdue is requiring masks in class and on campus. If a brother is not following this rule, he will be forbidden from common areas of the house and will have meals brought to his room.


  • We have joined Purdue’s supply chain to efficiently maintain a large enough supply closet. This supply chain will include sanitization chemicals, paper towels, tissues, and more that will likely be sold out in all nearby retailers.
  • Hand sanitizer and surgical masks will be placed near every entrance/exit to the house so that all people coming and going can sanitize as they enter or grab a fresh mask as they leave.Guests
  • All guests must remain outside of the house unless they are using the southeast firetower to access the veranda. None will be permitted indoors otherwise.
    • Exception: A long-term significant other with the understanding that infection would likely be shared
    • Exception: Potential New Members (PNM’s) will be allowed a house tour so long as they are accompanied by a single brother and are wearing a mask. All house tours will begin and end at the southeast firetower. (Approved by IFC)
    • Exception: Freshman will be interviewing at the house for the scholarship with a single brother. This will be conducted outside weather permitting or in the sun porch during bad weather. The sun porch will be disinfected following each interview.


  • Should a brother become infected with the virus or show symptoms, they will immediately be moved to cold air. They will stay in cold air until arrangements are made to transport them to the student health center (PUSH or Purdue Quarantine) or the hospital. All meals will be brought to them, along with a supply of clean laundry and bedding. No one will be allowed to enter cold air if an infected brother is in there.
  • If a brother believes he has been exposed but has shown no symptoms, he will have to move to cold air until he can be tested. If a brother who is known to be infected is already in cold air, an exposed brother will simply stay in his own room to prevent a definite infection.
  • To prevent infection, brothers are asked to limit their travel to grocery stores or other commercial locations. We will have a Slack thread twice a week where brothers may post what they need from the store, and a single brother will collect money digitally (no cash) and purchase all of these requests at as few stores as possible.
  • Daily temperature checks will be performed in accordance with Purdue policy