Venerable Dean
Mr. Benjamin Matthew Walbaum
Purdue (Purdue University)
Senior Dean
Mr. Eric Louis Aull
Purdue (Purdue University)
Junior Dean
Mr. Griffin Tyler Dunn
Purdue (Purdue University)
Recruitment Chair
Mr. Drew Charles Austin
Purdue (Purdue University)
Mr. Jackson Tyler Cole
Purdue (Purdue University)
Mr. Logan Murphy Sweeney
Purdue (Purdue University)
Risk Manager
Mr. Joshua Allen Satterfield
Purdue (Purdue University)
Philanthropy-Human Service Chair
Mr. Rishabh Ghosh
Purdue (Purdue University)
House Manager
Mr. Alexander John Cook
Purdue (Purdue University)
Scholarship-Academic Chair
Cornerstones Chair
Mr. David Mandt Homme
Purdue (Purdue University)
Alumni Relations
Mr. Mason Anthony Merkel
Purdue (Purdue University)

What is Acacia?

Acacia is an international Greek-system fraternity founded on its motto, human service. Acacia is comprised of the highest quality men on each campus, hoping to instill its values of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service into hearts of the college community.

Acacia is not your typical college fraternity. It isn’t the oldest, the largest, or the most famous, but its heritage is distinct and record distinguished. Members of Acacia strive to be extraordinary and dispel the stereotypes that are often associated with fraternities. Every member, from pledge to active brother, is treated with the utmost respect. Our pledge program focuses on learning your way into the fraternity, not earning it by participating in degrading acts. Illegal activities and irresponsible behavior have no place in Acacia.

The history of Acacia Fraternity is a rich one—and one you will learn much about in the pledge program. The fraternity was founded in 1904 at the University of Michigan by 14 men hoping to establish a new type of fraternity experience. Just three years later, the Purdue chapter was chartered in 1907 and has been in West Lafayette ever since. The Purdue chapter has continually occupied their current chapter house at 608 Waldron St. for over 60 years, but the house is constantly added to by the chapter, with wall art and painted doors common throughout the house. The chapter lives among the history left by generations of proud Acacians, but also continues to add to that tradition.

Preamble to “Laws of Acacia”

“We students, faculty, and alumni of various universities and colleges do hereby adopt this Constitution; to strengthen the ties of friendship, one with another; to prepare ourselves as educated men; to take a more active part and have a greater influence in the affairs of the community in which we may reside; and, above all, to seek the truth, and knowing it, to give light to those with whom we may be associated as we travel along life’s pathway.”

Acacia Facts

Founded internationally: May 12, 1904
Founded locally: October 11, 1907
Colors: Black and Old Gold
Flower: Sprig of Acacia in bloom
Motto: Ophelountes Anthropous, “Human Service”

Notable Alumni Brothers of the International Fraternity

Brother William H. Taft, Yale 1913 – 27th President of the US
Brother William Jennings Bryan, Nebraska 1908 – Great American Leader and Orator
Brother Clifton Hillegass, Nebraska 1938 – Founder of Cliffs Notes
Brother Jack Kilby, Illinois 1942 – Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
Brother Roscoe Pound, Harvard 1905 – American legal scholar and educator
Brother Paul McNutt, Harvard 1914 – Governor of Indiana, Ambassador to the Philippines
Brother Hiram Bingham, Yale 1915 – Discoverer of Machu Picchu, Governor of Connecticut, US Senator
Brother Harold E. Edgerton, Nebraska 1924 – Scientist and Inventor
Brother James Webb, North Carolina 1928 – NASA Administrator
Brother William Thornberry, Texas 1930 – United States Representative
Brother Calvin Griffith, George Washington 1935 – Owner of the Minnesota Twins
Brother Gene Conley, Washington State 1949 – MLB Pitcher (Braves) and NBA player (Celtics)