Scholarship Applications


Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen Men

Men of Action Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship, created to help the chapter find young men of great potential, is awarded annually to one incoming freshmen man. Selection is based upon excellence in leadership, academics, and community involvement. The application deadline is July 31, with finalist interviews to follow and the final decision announces August 31. It is worth $1000, and does not carry any obligation to join the fraternity.

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Scholarship Opportunities for Current Brothers

Leonard E. Wood Chapter Advisor’s Scholarship

This scholarship, created to honor longtime chapter advisor Leonard “Woody” Wood, is awarded to a handful of current brothers who live in the chapter house. It takes into account academic achievement, fraternal involvement, leadership, and financial need. Applications are sent to the current brotherhood during the spring semester and are due after finals during spring semester. Amounts awarded vary.

Jack Atkinson Scholarship

The Jack Atkinson Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to active brothers at Acacia. It is awarded primarily based upon financial need, with academic information also taken into account. Award amounts vary. 

Acacia Fraternity Foundation Scholarships

The Acacia Fraternity Foundation, the charitable arm of the International Acacia Fraternity, offers several scholarships available to all Acacians. Applications and amounts for these can be found at